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Exclusive Beats Terms

Do you want to have a beat strictly to yourself? If so, then you are probably in the market for purchasing exclusive rights to a beat. Purchasing exclusive rights to a beat means that you will have full ownership to use your purchased beat in any way you choose along with an unlimited amount of sales and modifications to the beat.

Zanderjaz sells exclusive hip hop beats starting at an affordable price of $194.99. A beat might be slightly more expensive than $194.99 depending on the amount of time and effort that has been put into the particular beat, but most of my beats will be a flat rate of $194.99 for exclusive rights.

If you purchase exclusive rights to a beat, you will receive all the necessary individual tracked out wav files of the beat. Also, I will not be able to sell the beat in any other way after your exclusive purchase has been made. Full production credits to the beat or instrumental must go to Zanderjaz, however, the beat will still remain yours to use in any way you choose and for as long as you choose. View the full list of features for exclusive beats below.

  • Instant beat delivery via download link and email
  • 100% royalty free sales
  • Untagged 320kbps MP3 audio file
  • Untagged 1411kbps WAV audio file
  • Use in live shows and band performances
  • Use in music video
  • Use for TV or Radio
  • Individual WAV files of each instrument or sound
  • Ability to rearrange beat to your liking
  • 100% ownership, beat can no longer be sold
  • Unlimited number of sales
  • Production credits must be given to Zanderjaz

Purchasing exclusive beats has never been easier on Zanderjaz than it is now – all you have to do is simply select the drop-down menu option for your desired beat and then checkout with PayPal. You will instantly receive a download link for your purchased beat and can start recording your project once the download finished.

If you’re still worried about purchasing exclusive beats, please feel free to contact me personally. I can help make your beat buying process easier by doing a special one-off transaction and take any custom requests you may have for your desired beat(s) at no extra charge.