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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to my frequently asked questions section! You can find the answers to most of your questions and concerns on this page, but if you still have questions after reading this page, please feel free to contact me right away!

Is a secure and safe place to buy beats online?

Yes! My website is protected by an SSL certificate and offers other security features such as 100% secure payment processing via PayPal. If you look at the top of your browser web address bar, you should notice a security lock next to the address of this website. This security lock means that I took the extra step to make sure this website is more secure than other beat and instrumental selling websites online. I also pay a premium price for top of the line security features that protect this website from hackers around the world.

Finally, my website does not use the highly unsecure browser plugin known as Adobe Flash Player. Several beat selling websites online use an Adobe Flash player to present their instrumentals to you in an unsecure fashion. It is highly recommended by many security professionals in the tech industry to completely disable flash in all of your web browsers because of the many known security flaws the plugin contains. Updates are often made on the Flash Player plugin multiple times a month due to security holes. Please take extreme caution when purchasing products or beats from websites that use the Flash Player plugin because you are putting yourself and your personal information at risk. I recommend not making any purchases whatsoever on websites that utilize the Adobe Flash Player plugin. If you want to learn more, please read my post about why you should never buy beats online from a website that uses the Adobe Flash Player to sell their beats!

Is my personal information safe if I shop on

Yes! Zanderjaz do not retain any of your information such as credit card number, address, name or any other sensitive personal data. I absolutely hate spam mail as much as anyone, and promise to never use your email address to send spam or market extensive services to you at any time. I’m not some tricky salesman, and I let PayPal processes all payments and their servers are secure for millions of users every day. For more detailed information, please view the Zanderjaz privacy policy.

Will I ever get charged more than once if I use my credit or debit card for a purchase on

No, I will never have any recurring payments or billing cycles on my website AT ALL. You will never receive any additional charges on your credit or debit cards other than ones made and approved by you personally. All of my payments are processed with PayPal, so I do not hold any of your personal financial information. You can rest assured that your information is safe when you shop for beats online at Zanderjaz!

I purchased some beats, but I don’t see them in my email inbox. Where are my beats?

If your beats aren’t showing up in your inbox, please check your spam folder! My beat delivery system is set up to automatically send beats directly to your email inbox after a successful purchase has been made. If the email with download links does not show up in your inbox or spam folder after your purchase, please contact me right away and I will help you!

How long does it take to receive a beat after I make a purchase?

After you buy a beat on, you should INSTANTLY receive the download link(s) for your purchased beat(s)! There is no wait time other than the speed of your internet connection. Most of my beats are around 50 to 100 megabytes in size (except if you purchase individual tracks/stems) and will only take a few minutes to download on a high-speed internet connection. You can be up and running within 5 to 10 minutes and begin recording your song right after you download your files.

What happens if someone leases the same beat as me?

Beats are able to be leased multiple times by different artists. This works because my small client-base is spread out over the world so multiple artists can use the same beats. The odds are very slim that you will run into another artist that uses the same beat as you for a song. If two different artists lease the same beat, the same contractual obligations still apply, such as number of units sold and other features. View my leasing comparison table here.

What happens if someone purchases exclusive rights to a beat that I have previously leased?

If you leased a beat prior to another individual purchasing exclusive rights to the beat, your lease contract terms will still apply until the conditions are met (such as number of total sales). If you truly believe in yourself as an artist, I highly encourage you to go ahead and purchase exclusive rights so that this issue does not present itself. If you are not looking to purchase the beat exclusively, as a courtesy, I can attempt to create another beat with the same tempo and a similar sound or melody that you can lease again, or purchase exclusive rights to the beat and use it indefinitely.

If I purchase a sampled beat from, do I need to clear the usage rights from the original artists?

Yes, it is a good idea to contact the original creators and obtain permission to use the sampled beats if you intend on selling the songs and making a profit from them in a musical project. If you contact Zanderjaz, I can do my best to inform you of the actual creators of the sampled material and help you clear the rights for the samples.

Will the Zanderjaz voice tag will removed when I purchase a beat?

Yes. As soon as your purchase clears through the processing system, you will instantly receive the .wav and .mp3 download link(s) to your purchased instrumentals and all vocal tags will be removed from your beats!

How can I make a payment if I don’t have a PayPal account?

My payment processing system uses PayPal as a backbone, however, it is not required to have a PayPal account to purchase products from this website. If you have a credit card of any sort, you can simply enter your information during the checkout process along with your primary email address and you will receive your purchased products exactly the same as someone with a PayPal account. If you’d like to pay using a method other than PayPal, debit, or credit cards, please contact me and I can arrange another option that better suits your needs.

Can I use my purchased beat(s) for a profitable project?

Yes. All beats sold on this website are allowed to be used for profit such as album or mp3 sales. Please see my beat licensing section for further details.

What does individual wav files, track-outs, or stems mean, exactly?

Some of my beat licensing packages offer individual wav files for your music project. Many people in the music industry refer to individual wav files as “track-outs” or “stems.” Track-outs often contain each individual instrument or sound that is used in a particular beat or song such as the kick, snare, hi hat, and whatever other instruments are used. Using track-outs is highly recommended if you intend to take your musical project to a professional studio to have the song mixed and mastered. Often times, my beats can contain 20-40 multi-tracks, so it is imperative for you to obtain the tracks if you want a professional quality mix which can be adapted to your vocals!

After I purchase a beat, is it removed from the website?

No. Purchasing a non-exclusive license will not remove the beat from the Zanderjaz website, however, if an exclusive license is purchased, I will remove the beat from the website promptly after the purchase has been made.

Do you still have more questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact me right away!