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Dstructive – Writer’s Block

Dstructive - Writer's Block album cover

Tracks: 11 Runtime: 28:49 Download: Zip (89 MB)

I helped Dstructive get started with his music recordings when no one else would. We ended up collaborating on his first mixtape and it was recorded at my studio. Dstructive’s first official release takes us on a journey inside the mind of one of Atlanta’s dopest and most lyrically underrated emcees.

Peep the carefully crafted flow and rhyming style Dstructive brings us in this album called “Writer’s Block.”

Album playlist

  1. Another Dirty Word

    Runtime: 2:39

  2. I Go

    Runtime: 2:14

  3. Ridin’ in a Geo

    Runtime: 3:23

  4. Symphony

    Runtime: 1:10

  5. Don’t Care

    Runtime: 2:43

  6. One Good Reason

    Runtime: 3:34

  7. Take Me Home

    Runtime: 2:51

  8. Blow It Up

    Runtime: 3:03

  9. Can’t Tell Me Nothing

    Runtime: 0:57

  10. Rainy Days

    Runtime: 3:12

  11. Real Hip Hop

    Runtime: 2:49