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Joe Brat – Rich Not Arrogant

Joe Brat - Rich Not Arrogant album cover

Tracks: 11 Runtime: 41:07 Download: Zip (89 MB)

The finest export out of Sweden since Absolut Vodka, Joe Brat, brings us his first official full album release produced by Zanderjaz. From Stockholm to London, my man Joe is so thorough!

I met Joe Brat back in the old days of MySpace when I had a huge following on there. We became friends and that led to an album collaboration.

Album playlist

  1. Rich Not Arrogant

    Runtime: 3:39

  2. STHLM 2 London Ft. Yung Frith

    Runtime: 4:12

  3. Wot I Wanna

    Runtime: 3:32

  4. My Story

    Runtime: 3:40

  5. Blaze It Up Ft. Kentis

    Runtime: 3:18

  6. I Come First

    Runtime: 3:37

  7. Tha Realness

    Runtime: 3:37

  8. Rap Game

    Runtime: 3:50

  9. Does It Matter

    Runtime: 3:28

  10. Soldiers Ft. Mass Destruction

    Runtime: 4:18

  11. Gotta Believe It Ft. Sanya Lerin

    Runtime: 3:51