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Free sound effects soundfonts

Download free sound effects soundfonts from the table below.

Click on the soundfont name to start downloading the soundfont (.sf2) file.

These free soundfonts can be used in FL Studio or any other software that supports .sf2 soundfont files.

Soundfont NameFile Size
1115 athmo loop<1 MB
1115 chiff vibes1 MB
1115 countryside1 MB
1115 effect echo<1 MB
1115 effetto campane prol2 MB
1115 electhmo<1 MB
1115 electric nite<1 MB
1115 hi qual<1 MB
1115 klimper athmo<1 MB
1115 pad elka synthex plus choir<1 MB
1115 pad spellbound<1 MB
1115 pad wanderlust<1 MB
1115 pad sea praeludiu2 MB
1115 passing jet1 MB
1115 pfeifer<1 MB
1115 seashore1 MB
1115 steam athmo<1 MB
1115 synth effettistico2 MB
1115 synth sweep fx<1 MB
1115 tonakkord st1 MB
1438 synth electric<1 MB
198 Yamaha dx7 fx kit<1 MB
336 whine glass1 MB
3968 planet earth bazouki5 MB
4890 Cavaquinho (standard f tuning chords upstroke)<1 MB
Betty la fea<1 MB
Charang1 MB
Choir dugdugi DJ tools 11 MB
Choir dugdugi DJ tools 21 MB
HS vox<1 MB
JK pads<1 MB
Johansson beautiful pad<1 MB
Moonman buble list<1 MB
Moss thunder<1 MB
SFX folk America<1 MB
SFX Star Wars ships4 MB
SFX Star Wars weapons1 MB
Space wings1 MB
Spaceship5 MB
Surprise1 MB
Swept chimes<1 MB