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Free Planet Phatt hip hop soundfonts

Download free Planet Phatt hip hop soundfonts from the table below.

Click on the soundfont name to start downloading the soundfont (.sf2) file.

These free soundfonts can be used in FL Studio or any other software that supports .sf2 soundfont files.

Soundfont NameFile Size
Bari wave<1 MB
Bas all purpose<1 MB
Bas balls 2 balls<1 MB
Bas basic<1 MB
Bas big mini<1 MB
Bas boy syn<1 MB
Bas buzz<1 MB
Bas finger u<1 MB
Bas home<1 MB
Bas mod saw<1 MB
Bas phatt syn bass<1 MB
Bas poly syn 4<1 MB
Bas poly wall<1 MB
Bas release it<1 MB
Bas sawcy<1 MB
Bas slid<1 MB
Bas stand up<1 MB
Bas standard<1 MB
Bas street<1 MB
Bas transformer<1 MB
Bas ultimate 2<1 MB
Bas ultimate<1 MB
Bass hit 4<1 MB
Bass hit 5<1 MB
Bass balls 2<1 MB
Bell synth<1 MB
Big mini 1<1 MB
Big mini 2<1 MB
Big saw bass<1 MB
Brass hit 01<1 MB
Brass hit 03<1 MB
Brass hit 05<1 MB
Brass hit 08<1 MB
Brass hit 17<1 MB
Brs bari wave<1 MB
Buzz bass<1 MB
Buzz synth 1<1 MB
Buzz synth 2<1 MB
Clavinet<1 MB
Dance hit 1<1 MB
Dance hit 2<1 MB
Dance hit 4<1 MB
Dance hit 9<1 MB
Dance hit 10<1 MB
Dance lead<1 MB
Dirt 3 ntp<1 MB
Dirt 3<1 MB
Disco organ<1 MB
Dope bass 1<1 MB
Dx organ<1 MB
Electri worm<1 MB
Ep bass 1<1 MB
Ep bass 2a<1 MB
Ep bass 2b<1 MB
Epo clavinet<1 MB
Fat syn bass<1 MB
Filter bass<1 MB
Finger bass 1<1 MB
Finger bass 2<1 MB
FX hit 1<1 MB
FX hit 2<1 MB
FX hit 4<1 MB
FX hit 5<1 MB
FX hit 6<1 MB
Gtr hit 02<1 MB
Gtr hit 08<1 MB
Gtr hit 12<1 MB
Gtr hit 13<1 MB
Gtr hit 14<1 MB
Gtr hit 17<1 MB
Gtr hit 20<1 MB
Gtr hit 26<1 MB
Gtr mutes<1 MB
Hit sax fx 1<1 MB
Home bass<1 MB
Jx organ<1 MB
Led bell synth<1 MB
Led bizz ttt<1 MB
Led buzz 1<1 MB
Led buzz 2<1 MB
Led dance lead<1 MB
Led filt freak<1 MB
Led mini<1 MB
Led please<1 MB
Led romance<1 MB
Led saw wave<1 MB
Led sine off<1 MB
Led worm lead<1 MB
Led worm hole<1 MB
Led zippy<1 MB
Mini od2<1 MB
Mini saw<1 MB
Mini<1 MB
Org cheezee 1<1 MB
Org dx<1 MB
Org jx organ<1 MB
Org korus boy<1 MB
Planet bass<1 MB
Saw bass<1 MB
Saw wave<1 MB
Sax fx 1<1 MB
Sbs 1st bass<1 MB
Sbs lopitt<1 MB
Sbs sub 4 gold<1 MB
Scratch 03<1 MB
Scratch 12<1 MB
Scratch 13<1 MB
Scratch 14<1 MB
Scratch 15<1 MB
Se sub 02<1 MB
Se sub 03<1 MB
Se sub 04<1 MB
Se sub 05<1 MB
Se sub 06<1 MB
Se sub 08<1 MB
Se sub 10<1 MB
Se sub 11<1 MB
Sfx dirt 3<1 MB
Sine wave<1 MB
Slider bass<1 MB
Standard bass<1 MB
Street bass<1 MB
Subtle bass<1 MB
Syn tone<1 MB
Synth axe<1 MB
T bazz<1 MB
Tpt fx 1<1 MB
Tpt fx 2<1 MB
Tpt fx 3<1 MB
Tpt fx 4<1 MB
Ultimate 2b<1 MB
Upright bass<1 MB
Worm lead 1<1 MB
Worm lead 2<1 MB
Worm lead 4<1 MB
Worm lead 5<1 MB
Worm lead 6<1 MB
Xylo pad<1 MB
Zippy lead<1 MB