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Free string soundfonts

Download free string soundfonts from the table below.

Click on the soundfont name to start downloading the soundfont (.sf2) file.

These free soundfonts can be used in FL Studio or any other software that supports .sf2 soundfont files.

Soundfont NameFile Size
1115 cello deep1 MB
1115 violin langtons<1 MB
142 pizzstr3 MB
198 hollywood st4 MB
198 legato strings1 MB
198 sy1 stringpad1 MB
198 sy77 adda3 MB
241 solina<1 MB
336 massive strings5 MB
554 flobakks choir aahs<1 MB
Aaviolin (triples) mini4 MB
Arco violins<1 MB
Campbell violin2 MB
Campbells harpischord tuned 110 MB
Campbells cello<1 MB
Campbells dbl bass5 MB
Cello legato3 MB
Cello 11 MB
Concerto cello2 MB
Dark string<1 MB
Dark violas<1 MB
Dark violins<1 MB
Deep strings11 MB
Dt calypso<1 MB
Ensemble violin<1 MB
Faithless pizzicato<1 MB
Fitch med cello8 MB
Freezes violine1 MB
Genycis orchestrings5 MB
HS strings1 MB
HS strings 21 MB
Kemence4 MB
Lady organs<1 MB
Mell octv strings3 MB
Mellotron strings1 MB
P5 strings<1 MB
Pizz violins<1 MB
Pizzicato 1<1 MB
R violin<1 MB
Roland vienna strings4 MB
Serrano violin2 MB
SJO – violin tremelo3 MB
Str ensemble2 MB
String sect<1 MB
Strings legato korg triton3 MB
Strings marc2 MB
Symphony8 MB
Viola arco<1 MB
Violas long6 MB
Violas pizz2 MB
Violas short3 MB
Violas tremolo8 MB
Violin<1 MB
Violin arco<1 MB
Violin detache<1 MB
Violin font1 MB
Violin muted str v14 MB
Violin pizzicato<1 MB
Violin str vi5 MB
Violin symphony8 MB
Violin tremelo3 MB
Violin<1 MB
Violin muted str v14 MB
Violins long7 MB
Violins pizz2 MB
Violins short3 MB
Violins tremolo10 MB
Watcher mellotron4 MB
Zsf string violin<1 MB