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A divide and conquer war on your mind is happening right now

Blog > A divide and conquer war on your mind is happening right now

Jul. 17, 2016


Modified: 05/24/19

We are currently in the midst of world war three and the battle is on for your mind.

We must remain vigilant and not become divided by the mainstream media and race-baiting politicians that can never let a good crisis go to waste. The public is being divided and conquered on a daily basis. Don’t believe me? Keep reading, grasshopper.

“Annuit Coeptis.” – To approve, or to nod
“Novus ordo seclorum” – A New Order of the Ages

“Ordo ab chao” – Order out of chaos

Ever heard of these phrases, or read them somewhere? Do they sound familiar? Probably not, huh? I take it you aren’t big into Latin.

The phrases above are written in Latin. I also provided the English translations aside them. One might think, “Who cares, no one knows Latin anymore! This isn’t important! I’m going back to my Pokemon Go zombie app, you dumb conspiratard! Durrrrrrp.”

I’ll tell you what, reader: If anything is printed on the most widely used currency in the world, it is there FOR A VERY SPECIFIC REASON!

Go ahead, look at a dollar bill now… I’ll wait.

Let me guess, you don’t have a single dollar bill because we are transitioning into a cashless society? I KNEW IT! You fell for that one, too.

I took the initiative and snapped a photo of the soon to be extinct US dollar I have. Please take a close gander at this photo below:

novus ordo seclorum us dollar

“Annuit Coeptis. Novus Ordo Seclorum.” – To approve the new order of the ages.

What do these sayings mean? Why are they on the dollar bill?

The architects of society are counting on us to rage and create chaos against each other, and then the m1l1tary indu$tr1al c0mpl3xxx comes in and gives us a solution to the “problem,” thus creating order out of our chaos.

We are experiencing something in our country that has been planned for decades, if not over a century. The federal reserve act of 1913 enabled total financial dominance to (((the bankers))) over America and its inhabitants. In my opinion, the Great Seal of the United States is the creation of a new world order system along with a long term plan to enslave the entire population of the world, which takes decades to fulfill at a gradual pace.

The constant dividing and conquering of our nation’s populace is happening daily on the news, which is most people’s main source of information. I grew up in Atlanta, a very diverse environment. I’ve had roommates of different race than myself, and we always got along fine, although I am an extremely open-minded individual. Growing up in a diverse environment, I made friends with people of all races and religions. Just because someone is a specific race or religion, does not mean they are bad people or extremists. Regardless of where you are, there are good and bad people in all aspects of life.

The mainstream media is working overtime to divide the entire populace of the United States and to keep us distracted from our true selves.

The “illuminati,” if you will, seeks to control your emotions and mind through divide and conquer tactics mainly found on teLIEvision news programs which constantly use sigil magik and subliminal message techniques to control your mind in ways you never knew possible. If you ever take any advice from me: KILL YOUR TV.

The main reason for this rant is to let you know that there is a war on for your mind. The media and powers that be want you to be divided. “They” want you to react with raw emotion and hatred instead of love and empathy toward others. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE CHAOS THEY WANT. We must treat others with the same respect that we want for ourselves. It’s so much easier to hate others than to find a reason to love them for who they are. Take a look at yourself in the mirror before you judge someone else for who they appear to be on the outside. Are we not all humans who bleed the same color blood?

Starting a civil or race war will give the powers that be exactly what they want, so they can move in the troops and initiate martial law on the public. Ask yourselves if you really want to live in an uncivilized world where people are running mad and killing each other off for their next meal. Think long and hard before you erupt from rage the next time you are out in public. Go meditate, try to see things from different angles, THINK FOR YOURSELF, AND LEARN TO APPRECIATE LIFE OF ALL FORMS!

We need to stay positive in these times and spread love.