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Networking: it’s not what you know

Blog > Networking: it’s not what you know

Jul. 20, 2016


Modified: 06/14/19

Networking is essential to succeed in almost any industry.

It is exceptionally important in music. You can have the hottest song ever made, but if you can’t get your song into the right ears, you will not see any success from it.

Where do you start if you just started making music? The internet of course. There are several vibrant music communities online such as ReverbNation and OurStage. These sites will connect you to musicians worldwide while also helping you find local artists that may want to collaborate or join you to put on a show. There are even venues on these sites that will host your shows.

You must branch out from your computer eventually, though. I suggest finding bars and clubs that play the type of music you make. Some establishments even have music industry nights which are excellent for networking. If you don’t have any places you can go locally, you will want to travel as far as is necessary. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Sacrifices must be made to accomplish your goals, so find some events and make connections.

When you do start meeting people and making appointments with them, it is paramount that you stick to your word. This industry is a business, and professionalism is highly valued in artists. The more bridges you burn, the less chance you have to succeed. Serious artists and industry moguls will notice when you don’t follow through.

So get out there, turn on the charm, and make some connections. You will be happy you did.