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Following your dream of being a musician

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Jul. 11, 2016


Modified: 05/24/19

Let’s be honest here. Becoming the next Kanye West, Justin Bieber, or Mick Jagger is a 1 in a million shot at best.

There are lots of things that have to go right, and a little luck never hurts.

kanye west's head

The most important thing to realize when approaching your journey to music super stardom is that it takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice and discipline. You have to dedicate your life 100% to achieving your goals. That means every waking moment you must focus your energy on perfecting your craft, networking, and finding a way to pay for making your music. If you’re not prepared to do that, you might as well quit now.

How do I know this? I have attempted and so far failed at achieving the dream. I have lacked the focus and discipline required of me at times. I have burned bridges and missed opportunities. Why I failed is not important. The important lesson I have learned is what it takes to succeed.

Remember this: There will be people who tell you that you can’t do it while others will believe in you maybe even more than you believe in yourself. Neither of these types matter. YOU have to know that you CAN and WILL achieve your goals.

A hint of doubt is all that is needed to fail. You must have an internal fire that burns for achieving your dreams. Know that nothing can or will stop you if you choose to keep pushing. Only in giving up will you truly fail. So go and make it happen or find another way to spend time in this life. After all, none of us are getting any younger.