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Perfecting the creative writing process

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Jul. 13, 2016


Modified: 05/24/19

Creativity is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

If you have a hectic lifestyle, it can be difficult to create a daily routine. YOU MUST FIND THE TIME AND DISCIPLINE TO PRACTICE DAILY. When you establish a routine of writing daily, you will absolutely see results.

Some days you may sit down and pen an entire song. Other days you may find it difficult to muster that elusive “inspiration.” On the less inspired days, I recommend exercises like picking words from the dictionary that are new or unknown to you. Copy the word and definition onto paper or in your phone. This is a useful exercise to build your vocabulary, so when you need your next rhyme, you have a bigger arsenal to choose from.

Another valuable exercise is choosing a random word or set of words and writing down every possible rhyme you can think of. This will exercise your mind into a virtual rhyme machine. Freestyling for about ten solid minutes a day will also help your mind craft rhymes and bars more efficiently.

No matter if you feel inspired or not, you must KEEP WRITING. Every line does not have to be a masterpiece. In fact, most of your writings will never be released into the world as a complete song or verse. The point is to stay consistent, and you will improve. Inspired writings tend to come in cycles. One week you may pen the hottest bars you’ve ever created. The next week you may only come up with a few pages of garbage rhymes. This is normal and using the exercises named in the above paragraph will keep you focused when your creativity is slowed. So keep at it daily and stay consistent. Results will follow.

Side Note: if you are into mind altering substances such as cannabis, they can be used as a creative tool. I recommend writing with a sober mind as often as possible to not become dependent on substances for increased creativity. The sober mind is easily trained when exercised over a period of time.