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How to get a discount on FL Studio

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Oct. 22, 2015


Modified: 05/24/19

Are you looking to make beats on your own, but can’t afford all the expensive software and equipment? Don’t worry any longer because you can start making beats with less than $100! The most affordable version of FL Studio is currently available for only $98.

Now, that is a bargain!

Unfortunately, FL Studio discontinued their affiliate program in 2016 due to massive abuse and fraud, so I cannot offer you a direct 10% discount code anymore! 🙁

However, you can still find coupons all over the internet for FL Studio if you search hard enough.

Image-Line FL Studio Academic Discount Program

Also, if you’re a student, teacher, school or non-profit organization, you can get the academic version of FL Studio here and save about $80 off the signature edition! Keep in mind that you will have to prove you are in school or involved in academia somehow.

I recommend visiting the following link for more information about Image-Line’s academic discount: FL Studio academic discount program.

How To Get A Discount On FL Studio

Just do a simple search on Google for “FL Studio Discount” and you can easily find a quick discount code to apply to your cart, or you can buy the software directly from Amazon and try to apply a discount coupon code there as well.

I started using FL Studio a long time ago with version 4, so that gives me over 10 years of experience with the program and nearly all of my music projects have been created with FL Studio. I’d recommend that you look into the free trial of FL Studio and see how you like making beats with the program before you purchase it!

FL Studio offers a full demo trial version, so you can see if you like it right now for free! This is a fun, quick, and easy program and there are thousands of FL Studio video tutorials online about how to make music with the program!

Why you should buy FL Studio for your music production needs

  • FREE lifetime software updates
  • Live recording
  • Thousands of hot sounds
  • Access to download new beta versions
  • 100% FREE of viruses
  • Large user support community
  • Thousands of free tutorials
  • Unlimited potential for great music

FL Studio is a great buy for anyone looking to create beats or edit audio files of any type. Of course, you can go spend thousands of dollars on software you don’t know how to use, but who has that kind of money to blow?

A wise man once told me, it’s not the equipment that a producer has that makes the beat hot, it’s the producer!

I encourage all new aspiring producers of all music genres to check out FL Studio!