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Do you need multi-tracks for your music project?

Blog > Do you need multi-tracks for your music project?

Oct. 22, 2015


Modified: 05/24/19

When buying beats online, there are several things you should know, but you need to ask yourself some important questions about your musical project first.

Is your project going to be published into a finalized album or mixtape, or is it just going to be a single that you push to your friends and fans on the internet? In either case, you may or may not care to have the multi-tracks of a particular beat that you buy online or in person, however, you should know that obtaining the multi-tracks of an instrumental gives you complete and total control over the final outcome of your song!

If you simply purchase a wav or MP3 file of your desired beat, you are quite limited as to what you can achieve with your final project. Having the multi-tracks (or stems) of a beat allows you to hire a professional musical engineer to mix and master your music to a pristine sound. Most engineers will tell you that their abilities are very limited if they only have the MP3 or wav file of your beat. With multi-tracks on hand, the engineer has the ability to alter the sound and even the structure of the beat. Some of our beat packages allow for the altering of our beat structures, so please see our beat licensing comparison table for more details!

A good music mixing engineer will mix your vocals into the beat so they do not clash with other sounds that hang around the same frequency as your vocals, and this is a major reason why having multi-tracks is very important when finalizing your songs. As an artist with a creative passion and a desire for the best sounding product, you should always strive to obtain the multi-tracks of your chosen instrumentals. If you happen to make a song you really enjoy with one of our beats and want to get it professionally mixed and mastered, but you didn’t purchase the multi-tracks, feel free to contact me and we will deduct the price off your initial purchase if you plan on buying the multi-tracks of the beat!

buying beats multitracks

This is a typical visual representation of how some of my beats are structured. You can see there are several tracks in this particular beat!

At Zanderjaz, we offer multi-tracks in some of our beat licensing packages! If you do not need multi-tracks for your musical project, then you can simply opt for the basic beat lease option and you will still receive a master MP3 and wav file which should be adequate for a basic project. On the other hand, the other three beat packages we offer all include individual multi-tracks of each sound used in the beat such as kicks, snares, pianos, strings, and everything in between.

Our multi-track beat purchases can be downloaded instantly just like any other purchase made on the Zanderjaz website, so there is no waiting other than the time it takes to download the files! Please note that our multi-track file packages can be quite large in file size due to the high amount of instruments and drums that some of the beats use. Sometimes a beat may contain 10 different multi-track wav files, and sometimes there may be 30 or more depending on the complexity of the particular instrumental. As you already know, every beat is different.

When buying beats online, obtaining multi-tracks is highly encouraged for any serious artist looking to take their music projects to the next level! If you have any questions or concerns about buying the individual multi-tracks of beats, please drop us a comment below or feel free to contact me at any time.