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Review: SADES SA902 7.1 channel USB wired gaming headset

Feb. 2, 2017


Modified: 06/19/19

SADES SA902 7.1 channel USB wired gaming headset product breakdown

Author’s Rating:

Consumer Rating: 4.0 / 5 Stars

Price: $26.99

Recommended?: Yes


  • 7 feet long USB wired connection
  • 7.1 Channel Surround Stereo
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 20,000Hz
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 10, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. Drivers Ready to Download. MAC Generic Use. No Drivers.

Key Features

  • LED light when powered on
  • 7.1 Channel Surround Sound, 360-degree sound field great for gaming
  • Adjustable microphone
  • Remote control on cable

Preferred Usage

  • Gaming
  • Low end sound reference


  • Looks cool
  • Great for gaming
  • Good low end (bass) sound quality
  • Good microphone quality
  • Adjustable microphone
  • Adjustable earcups
  • Compatible with most computers, comes with drivers CD
  • Remote control for microphone and volume
  • 7 feet long USB connection cable


  • No custom drivers for Apple computers, but still capable of generic use
  • Uncomfortable after extended periods of long use
  • Uncomfortable while wearing glasses or headware
  • Needs better ventilation around ear muffs
  • Mid and high range sound quality not the best, but feasible
  • Big and bulky, good luck fitting it in small bags for travel
sades sa902 7.1 channel gaming headset black

The SADES SA902 7.1 Surround Sound Headset Looks Really Cool

Full review: SADES SA902 7.1 channel USB wired gaming headset

The Sades SA902 7.1 channel surround sound LED lit gaming headset is a pretty amazing headset for gaming and music enjoyment for just under $30! Sure, you can spend $100+ on a Turtle Beach headset, but not everyone has that kind of money to blow on toys. If you’re looking for a well made headset that outputs some decent quality sound and lasts (with proper care – more on this later), you should definitely consider grabbing the Sades SA902 headset. Read on, I’ll tell you why!

Setting up the Sades SA902 7.1 gaming headset is nearly plug-n-play, however, for PC users (sorry Apple loyalists, there is no driver CD for you to work with), there is an installation disc which comes with software that allows you to adjust the volume of your headset and the output of the headset’s microphone on the fly. The drivers are not absolutely necessary to install, but they do give you some additional features such as the volume fading in and out when it is adjusted to non-audible levels (muting). Without the drivers, these really cool features won’t work, but the headset should work fine.

sades sa902 7.1 channel gaming headset stretch

The SADES SA902 gaming headset is quite flexible.

The comfort level of this headset is hit or miss depending on the size and shape of your head. I keep my hair 1/4″ short, so I don’t have much padding to help comfort the hard plastic while wearing the Sades SA902 headset. If you plan on wearing this headset for hours on end, you might want to look elsewhere for a higher end headset that is created with comfort in mind. Yes, the Sades SA902 headset has full ear coverage with cushion padding on the ears and the top of the head, however, the unit can become uncomfortable after wearing it for extended periods of time because it doesn’t breathe well in my opinion. If you like to wear glasses or headwear such as hats while gaming or enjoying your music, you can bet that this headset will become uncomfortable after extended gaming sessions. I’ve managed to adjust my gaming glasses vertically so the rims of my glasses are not pressed onto my temples by the plastic of the Sades SA902 headset, and it has actually worked out well. I always take my hat off while wearing this headset, though!

Believe it or not, your ears actually need to breathe. I love that the Sades SA902 headset comes with padded cushioning and padded full ear coverage and it’s quite comfortable around the ears, but whenever I’m gaming or referencing audio for long periods of time I need to take these headphones off and let my ears get some oxygen. Simply removing the headset for a minute or so does the trick, and then I’m back to work! This is not a deal breaker for me, however, it is something to make note of if you plan on purchasing the Sades SA902 gaming headset and wearing it for hours on end without ever getting up to take a leak. 😉

The Sades SA902 7.1 gaming headset is durable… if you take care of it!

Can you believe it?

After over six months of use with the Sades SA902, my headset is still perfectly in tact and every feature works properly. You can read reviews online about product failures, however, these people don’t properly maintain their headphones – I’ve taken decent care of this headset, but I haven’t been extremely cautious as if I were walking on glass. Just follow some common sense procedures that you would with any other electronics and your Sades SA902 headset will last for a while.

First of all, anything with a wired cable that plugs into a computer should not be wound up extremely tight and carelessly or the wire will eventually fail from deterioration. You never want to fold the cable tightly where it connects to the actual headset, this is a big no-no and will eventually cause electrical wire connecting issues.

Ever had a lap top and the charging cable goes bad right next to the battery connection outlet? Yeah? Me too. That’s what happens with poor cable management and bad design, but I digress.

Another thing, wire ends should not be pulled! What I mean by this is that you should never let your headset dangle with the connection cable in your hands while putting all the weight on the wire end where it connects to the headset. The 10-12 ounce weight of the headset is plausible to cause a wire disconnection and you will end up having a fit of rage trying to put all the little wires back together.

This headset is only $26.99, so you shouldn’t expect it to withstand extreme circumstances, but it will definitely last a while with proper care. No maintenance required, but carelessness must be avoided to make this headset last. When you’re done using the headset, wind up the cable, but be sure to leave several inches of slack where the cable connects to the right ear muff next to the microphone. I practice this cable winding technique with any electronic device that has wires because the wires can be super thin on the inside and should not be bent at sharp angles.

sades sa902 7.1 channel gaming headset adjustable microphone

The adjustable microphone on the SADES SA902 headset is pretty convenient.

Would I buy the Sades SA902 7.1 gaming headset again? Absolutely!

Not only is this headset extremely cheap compared to some of the higher end models on the market, but it performs superbly for the price. I’ve had $100+ Turtle Beach headsets before and this one is almost as comfortable and comes with adequate audio response except for the mid to high range sound frequencies. I think the mid and high range frequencies could be improved on this headset, however, the bass is amazing, crisp and loud which is perfect for budget gaming.

My favorite part about the Sades SA902 gaming headset is the awesome bass response. I like to use this headset to test out bass frequencies in my songs whenever I’m mixing, and I also like to use it for playing FPS games such as CounterStrike or Battlefield. The Sades SA902 headset is best used for gaming activities, and I don’t think you’ll regret purchasing it as long as you take good care of it and don’t do anything stupid while handling the product!