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Weezy and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad record label

Blog > Weezy and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad record label

Oct. 8, 2016


Modified: 05/24/19

Birdman and Cash Money have a controversial history with artists to say the least. From Jazzy Phae to Curren$y, the label has produced a bevy of unsatisfied and underpaid artists. Now even Cash Money’s wonder boy, Lil Wayne, has denounced the label that he single-handedly built.

Lil Wayne is suing Birdman for $51 million.

Wayne claims Baby has held out on paying him the full amount of his royalties and advances. In the midst of all this money grubbing, Weezy also claims Birdman won’t release his newest album, Tha Carter V.

After Wayne gained notoriety and stardom in the early 2000’s, he boosted Cash Money Records to the forefront of hip hop labels. The power that his notoriety garnered enabled Wayne to court and sign the most sought after artists of the day. With the addition of Drake and Nicki Minaj to Wayne’s young Money branch of cash money Records, Weezy turned cash money into a figurative cash machine. Still, Birdman’s reckless spending and poor bookkeeping has been enough to destroy what should be a revenue goliath in cash money.

Lil Wayne wants what is rightfully his

I believe he deserves the 51 million dollars and more. There is no successful version of Cash Money Records without Lil Wayne. The Carter I, II, and III all went multi-platinum, and Wayne’s mixtapes did nothing but multiply Cash Money’s popularity.

There is no other artist from Cash Money besides Drake, who also wouldn’t have signed to cash money without Lil Wayne, that has earned any substantial commercial success. So, Birdman, pay Weezy the $51 million and steak him for all you have. You are lucky to have even associated with Tunechi the Great.